Tania Ribeiro is a singer-songwriter with Portuguese origins, who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. While living in Nashville, Tennessee, she discovered that songwriting was her passion. She has graced various stages from Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee to Shakers Roadhouse, in Edmonton, Alberta with many stops along the road. Her collaboration “Kiss You Instead” performed by Justin Hogg, received airplay on both terrestrial and satellite radio in 2018. Performing at “Diamonds In The Rough” showcase, during the Canadian Country Music Awards 2019, has been one of her highlights. Last few months Tania’s been working in the studio recording her first single “Liar Out Of Me” which was released on August 7th, 2020. It's available on all digital platforms.  You can download and add her music by clicking this link: .  For more information you can follow her on all the social media platforms and on her website

Liar Out Of Me

Tania Ribeiro

The inspiration for “Liar Out Of Me” came from a late night party conversation, with my friend Jessica Cayne Urick, who I co-wrote with, about the things we tell ourselves that we shouldn’t do and then we go ahead and do them anyway. Like that one person who is wrong for us but we keep going back to. We wanted to portray those feelings in the song of what it feels like when other people make us accountable for what we say.

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